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Polar Grilli M6 Kota Grill with Chimney
Chimney package M6
Kota Chimney 8 ft.
Kota Grill with 10 foot Chimney
Polar Grilli M6 Kota Grill with Hood and Chimney
M6 Kota Grill with Hood and Chimney
Copper Hood
Polar Grilli M6 Kota Grill with Hood and Chimney

Polar Grilli M6 Kota Grill with Hood and Chimney

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The Polar Grilli M6 Kota Hut Grill with Smoke Hood and Chimney is the best choice for any grill cabin or gazebo. Bring the Finnish Grillikota experience into your life all year round.

Featuring the Zinc-powder coated smoke hood and rain-cap in addition to the 8 ft. chimney and rain-collar. Also includes six wooden tables, rails for sliding accessories and spark guards.

Standard accessories include the rotating grill, a small kettle grill and the pot hook.

This model includes a two-part enamelled grill for standard barbecuing. Also includes the decorative front plate and chrome arched pipe as an option.

Made by Polar Grilli in Finnish Lapland.

What's Included:

  • M6 grill and base with cast iron grill floor
    Grill-base width: 70 cm (2ft 3.5 in.) 
    Grill width including tables: 1.21 m (4 ft.)
    Grill height: 67 cm (26.38 In.)
  • Decorative front plate with handles
  • Damper plate with handle
  • Spark-guards
  • Stainless steel ash container
  • 6 wooden tables with metal support brackets
  • 2 Chrome smoke hood support posts
  • Smoke Hood: 91 cm (3 ft.) wide, 62 cm (2 ft.) high with candle holder hooks and rain hat: 60 cm (23.6 in.) in diameter
  • Double-sided rotating grill 41 cm (16 in.)
  • Small Grill grid 19.5 cm (7.6 in.)
  • 2-part enamelled grill
  • Hook for coffee pot
  • Chimney pipes: 30 cm (1 ft.) diameter, 2.5 m. (8 ft. approx.) total length (in sections)
  • Chimney damper
  • Rain collar
  • arched chrome grill pipe in case you want to hang the smoke hood from the ceiling