Fire Safety

Wherever there is an open flame, fire safety is of the utmost importance. Always respect your local laws, which includes being aware of fire bans.


All Kota Grill Cabins must have a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide sensor installed.

Never leave a fire unattended.

If you are grilling outdoors with a Kota Grills, you must ensure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving the site. Do not douse the fire with water as this will shorten the lifespan of the cast-iron grill.

Empty the ash container prior to every use.

Always wait until the fire is completely out before emptying the ash container.

Be mindful that when the ash container is removed, any fire embers could fall through the grate and onto the ground below.


Are you allowed a Kota grill in your area?

Some municipalities are more restrictive regarding the use of fire pits and chimeneas. However, an open fire is usually legal if it is being used for cooking. The Kota grill also has spark guards and can easily be adjusted to meet certain standards. However, as long as you are cooking or have a grill ready, it usually is perfectly fine.

That being said, be sure to check with your own municipal by-laws. Your insurance company may have an opinion.

Do not place the Kota Grill under an overhanging roof or too close to overhanging branches. If you want to install the grill inside a structure like a hut or gazebo, check with your insurance company and by-laws for regulations like the minimum distance required from your main dwelling.


What type of wood is best for a Kota Grill fire?

Minimum 3 year aged hardwood is the best for a long lasting fire. For cooking, hardwoods such as apple, oak, maple or hickory are excellent for smoke flavour. Avoid wood from evergreen trees; pine, spruce etc. as they tend to spark and can smoke excessively. Find a local supplier who you trust and have them split the logs into 8 and make sure the length of log does not exceed 12 inches.


How long does it take the fire to be ready for grilling?

If the fire is started successfully, it will be hot enough for basic cooking within 10 minutes. To build up a good base once the fire gets going, gradually close the damper on the grill to reduce air flow. This will ensure that the wood does not burn too quickly. You can also add a high quality charcoal to help build a nice, long-lasting fire bed. Make sure you have lots of wood on hand as Kota Grill parties tend to end late.


Is a Kota Grill portable?

Yes. The M6 Kota Grills can be easily carried by two people to wherever you want your party to be. The M6 Kota Grill hood and tables are easily removed. You may wish to use with the included arched grill pipe rather than the hood, for ease of transport.


What is a Kota BBQ hut?

The traditional Kota BBQ hut (grillikota) is a quintessentially Finnish experience. The Kota hut is an enclosed hexagonal hut whose centre-piece is a Kota Hut Grill. Our 2.5 metre hood/chimney system vents the smoke up and out of the structure. With benches on five walls, a traditional kota is the perfect all-season campfire cookout. 


Where can I purchase a Kota BBQ Hut?

We have partnered with traditional Mennonite carpenters who build bespoke western red cedar Kota BBQ huts to our specifications. Contact us and we can discuss your proposed building site and needs.


What is the best wood for building a Kota BBQ Hut?

While it is possible to construct a Kota BBQ Hut from virtually any soft-wood (pine, spruce etc), we have determined that the less expensive wood tends to discolour and eventually go black and therefore would require regular painting. That is why we decided to 'go high' by using the best wood for outdoor structures: western red cedar.  Not only does red cedar age gracefully, gradually developing a beautiful patina, the aromas of cedar and smoke inside the hut are absolutely delightful.


Can I build my own Kota BBQ Hut?

Absolutely! There are many different plans online. Pick one that you like and we would be happy to offer you a Kota Hut Grill and accessories that suit your needs. Please consult with your municipal regulations.  


Can I put a Kota Grill inside a Gazebo?

We see so many Gazebos on our country drives and there is virtually never anyone in them. Why not, we wonder? Well, because there is nothing to do!! Look into whether you can put a Kota Hut Grill in the middle and retrofit the roof to allow for the chimney to vent up and out and suddenly that unused Gazebo investment will become a focal point. Install walls for the winter and presto, you now have an improvised four season Kota BBQ Hut! 


Can a Kota BBQ Hut be used as a sauna?

Not recommended for two reasons. Firstly, the chimney opening defeats the thermal requirements of a sealed sauna space and, secondly, sweating off the stresses of the day where food is cooked and eaten, is incongruent we think. If a sauna is what you would like, please talk to us about Kota Sauna Huts, red cedar barrel saunas or combo Kota Hut Grill and Sauna packages.


Are there any special requirements for a Kota BBQ Hut installation?

Yes. You must install a base and vent system before the hut and grill are delivered. Please talk to us about our base construction plans. Also, talk to us about our insulated chimney pipes, available by special order.

As long as the Kota BBQ Hut is 50 ft from the main house, you should be fine.  However you should always check with local authorities and insurance company before going ahead with your own Kota BBQ Hut.


Do I need a permit to build a Kota BBQ Hut?

This depends on your local municipality. Typically, if a structure is less than 100 sq. feet, no building permit is required. However, you should check with local regulations before proceeding with any Kota BBQ Hut project.


What is the best way to build a fire?

First of all, make sure you have a good supply of hardwood kindling. There are two tested methods of fire starting: the log cabin and the tent.


The Log Cabin

Take two pieces and lay them parallel to form the two outer edges of a square.

Then lay the next two pieces perpendicularly on top of the first pieces to complete the square.

Keep building up three to four levels and put paper or ideally, birch bark in the middle.

Light the paper and get ready to add larger pieces as the fire builds.


The Tent

First, place some tinder in the centre of the grill.

Then, take three pieces of kindling and stand them up against each other to form a tent shape.

Add larger standing wood pieces until you have covered most of the empty space. Light the tinder and get ready to add more pieces as the fire builds.