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Polar Grilli L8 Largest Kotagrill package
Schematic L8 Kotagrill
L8 Kotagrill shown with arched grill support
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Polar Grilli L8 Large Kota Grill With Hood


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The Polar Grilli L8 Large Kota Grill with Smoke Hood is the biggest member of the family. For the pitmaster who wants the baddest of the bunch. Unlike the other grills, the L8 has 8 large wooden tables and a larger grilling surface that gives pit-masters and their friends the space they need to truly express their culinary passions.

Every L8 has the larger zinc-coated hood and raincap,  spark guards and rails for sliding accessories, the two-part enamelled grill, a unique double-sided rotating grill, the small kettle grill and pot hook.

Unique to the L8, this package includes a custom XL searing plate.

Made by Polar Grilli, in Finnish Lapland.


  • L8 grill and base with cast iron grill floor
    Firebox diameter without tables 74 cm (29 inches)
    Grill diameter including wooden tables 140cm (55 inches)
  • Decorative front plate with handle
  • Damper plate with handle
  • Spark-guards
  • Stainless steel ash container
  • 8 wooden tables with metal support brackets
  • 2 Chrome hood support posts
  • Smoke Hood: 118 cm (46 inches.) wide, 87 cm (34 inches.) high with candle holder hooks and rain hat: 60 cm (23.6 in.) in diameter
  • Double-sided rotating grill 34 cm (13 in.)
  • Small Grill grid 19.5 cm (7.6 in.)
  • 2-part enamelled grill
  • Hook for coffee pot
  • Chrome arch grill support