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The Polar Grilli XL8, extra-large Kota Grill with Smoke hood (also available with a chimney for Extra -large Kota Huts). Designed for the home entertainer who wants the biggest of the bunch.  The XL8 has eight large wooden tables and a huge grilling surface that gives Kota Grillers and their friends the space they need for maximum fireside fun. Transform your dock, deck or backyard with this king of wood-fire grills. 

Every XL8 has a massive Zinc-coated hood and rain cap; spark guards and rails for sliding accessories, the unique rotating Santa-Maria style grill, smaller grill grid and pot hook.

The XL8 is also available with a chimney for use inside an extra large Kota Grill Cabin.

Made by Polar Grilli in Finnish Lapland.